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Imagine a World Without Simulation Training?

Posted by Rachel Baker on Feb 9, 2018 2:36:46 PM
Rachel Baker


Pilot training in a simulated aircraft cockpit

Imagine a world without simulation training… everyone has had some sort of simulation training in their life wether they realize it or not. Remember driver’s education where you drove on a closed course and sat in the car till you knew where everything was? You read the book on the rules of the road so that you could pass the test and get your license…. practiced on the close course till you felt like you could drive on the open road and then it was through the neighborhood or a large parking lot till your parents thought that you could drive and then you were free…

Well, that was simulation training of a sort…

Imagine if you were just thrown into traffic… at rush hour… at 80mph… without all of that training… scary!

Imagine if you were a pilot learning to fly… without a simulator…

Imagine you are an EMT without a simulated person to learn on…

Imagine being a cop and never firing a gun…

Imagine being a firefighter at their first 5 alarm fire....


Imagine learning how to do all of that without the fear for your safety... Simulation Training makes this happen.

Simulation training has take over so many aspects of learning how to do something simply because it is safer. Training more people at a time is easier. More information can be covered. Emergency situations can be explored and learned so that one can cope with a real emergency. It has become so essential in so many industries that one cannot imagine not having simulator training.

That is why I went into the simulation industry... I wanted to help people. Either with finest fidelity control loaders or motion base platforms, I wanted to make sure that the simulator would perform for the customer for their simulation application with the least amount of worry and the most amount of safety.

I cannot imagine a world without simulation training. I can imagine using simulation training for everything... for anything that one would like to learn about... imagine learning to cook without wasting food, but you can smell and touch it... imagine learning how to change a car tire without getting dirty... imagine learning how to do just about anything...

For more information on simulation training check out The National Center for Simulation for more information. They have STEM programs for all ages.

For information on products that we provide to the Simulation industry, check out our web site at If you cannot find what you might need, give us a call, we are always available to help.


Rachel Baker CEO Servos and Simulation

 Rachel Baker is the CEO of Servos & Simulation, Inc. With over 30 years in the industry, she is always happy to assist those that want to learn more about simulation.

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